Vacuum plants for applying optical coatings
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Vacuum plants for applying optical coatings

If your activity is connected with powder-coating of optical coatings-surely you are aware that it is impossible to get a good result without special equipment.
SIA "WTT" first-class equipment for applying optical coatings can be purchased right now. When using such vacuum installations on a product surface formed a thin film, which makes the end product look more aesthetic and improves its physical qualities. Vacuum equipment for optical coatings is an essential technique for:

  • optical filters, optics and astronomical mirrors;
  • electrical engineering, electronic engineering;
  • metallurgy;
  • automobile, shipbuilding.

Vacuum units (Belarus), which can be ordered from us, commonly used to protect steel from corrosion. While processing the exposed parts and mechanisms that are in the open air or in the water space. To buy vacuum RB-simply call numbers that served on the resource. Our representatives will answer your questions and help you make a purchase.

Optical installation OPTICIAN of VTT-1900E2I2
In stock 
Appointment: Receiving high - quality multilayered coverings for large - size lenses, mirrors. Standard configuration: Size of the camera, mm Ø1900x2100 Forvacuum unit PFEIFFER High - vacuum pump Cryogenic pump (2 pieces) Vacuum control Vacuum sensors of PFEIFFER Rotation...
Group: Вакуумные установки для нанесения оптических покрытий
Vacuum Installation  V-700 O ELI for drawing optical coverings
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
Vacuum installation is intended for drawing in vacuum of coverings by method of electron beam, magnetron and resistive evaporation of various materials with preliminary ionic cleaning on the basis of cryogenic pumping. In particular now installation is used for drawing layers Auge - Au and Ni - Al...
Group: Вакуумные установки для нанесения оптических покрытий
Vacuum Installation VTT 700 OPTICIAN VTT OPTIC 700
In stock 
Vacuum new generation VTT Optic 700 is designed for application in a vacuum multilayer thin film optical coatings with electron beam and resistive means with pre - treatment the surface of the substrates with an ion beam, and heating the substrates.   Specifications.   1. Internal...
Group: Вакуумные установки для нанесения оптических покрытий


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