Technologies: Vakuumnaya tehnika i tehnologii (VTT), OOO, Belarus, ALL.BIZ: Belarus
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Vakuumnaya tehnika i tehnologii (VTT), OOO
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Technologies Vakuumnaya tehnika i tehnologii (VTT), OOO

Co Ltd "VTT" enterprise, along with equipment manufacturing, performs works on working off and a technological transfer on drawing of coverings on new products. Frequently the equipment is created under concrete technology.

Now at sale of the equipment we can offer technologies of following character:

- Technology of drawing of strengthening coverings on the tool, including мелкоразмерный (Øдо 1 mm);

- Technology of a decorative covering of products from plastic and ceramics;

- Technology of drawing of protectively-decorative coverings on products from metals (a steel, a brass, aluminium etc.);

- Technology of drawing of power saving up coverings on architectural glasses;

- Technology of drawing of coverings on plastic;

- Technology of drawing of clarifying coverings on optics;

- Technology of drawing of multilayered coverings AlN and Al on боросиликатные pipes Ø50 mm of solar collectors;

- Technology of drawing of a mirror covering on a film.

Under your technical project we can develop and transfer technology of drawing of coverings with equipment manufacturing.



technologies Vakuumnaya tehnika i tehnologii (VTT), OOO Belarus, ALL.BIZ: Belarus